Social Networking Conference (Paris) brings you highly qualified experts in the social networking industry to speak about all forms of internet/mobile technology, strategy and marketing for the Fortune 1000 business. Presentations are focused on topics concerning better social networking management, developing/maintaining a strategy, introducing new business models, improving profitability and employing effective social media. Each presenter will be both objective and neutral.

We are currently seeking speakers for this event. Only experts in Social Networking management, Enterprise Social Networking, Fortune 1000 executives, Internet Personals, mobile technology, software, venture capital, social media marketing and/or advertising experts will be considered. Please click here if you are interested in speaking at this event.

Lexis Nexis Nicolas Chazaud, PhD
Social Media Expert
Using Social Media to Enhance Corporate Reputation
RTBF Damien Van Achter
Social Media Manager
Social Media Approach In The Broadcast Media Market
Danone Water Group Olivier Maurel
Social Innovation/Social Business Community Manager
Beverages and European Social Business Strategy
Challengy Andre Dan
Enterprise Social Networking: the 2nd chance for Enterprise Collaboration
TechCrunch France Roxanne Varza
Editor, TechCrunch France & Co-Founder of Girls in Tech Paris
Social Media Strategy in France
Wayn Peter Ward
Social Media Campaigns in Europe - Real Examples & Future Trends
Helett Packard Andy Bryant
WW Alliance & Social Media Strategy Expert
Enterprise Social Networking and Technology Companies in Europe
Viadeo Peter Crosby
Social Networks for Business in Europe
Linkfluence Guilhem Fouetillou
CoFounder & CTO
Social Media Research: Extracting Real Market Insights From Social Media Noise
Vanguard Leadership Mic Adam
Social Networking Policy Advisor/Reputation Protector
Social Media Policy Creation, Content & Implementation
DataGenics Nick Berry
Detailed Demographic Analysis of Facebook Users